St George's Church was built between 1821 and 1825 in the Gothic Revival style by architects John Woodhead and William Hurst. It was commissioned by parliament under the Church Building Act of 1818 and a grant of £15,181 was provided, the equivalent of just over £1m in todays money. It still retains it's original form including the gothic tower, and is now designated a grade II listed building by English Heritage.

The Church was in regular use by the Church of England until it closed in 1981, after which it stood empty for over a decade until it was acquired by the University of Sheffield in 1994, who have used it as a lecture theatre and for student accommodation ever since.

A nesting box was placed on the roof of the church in 2010, and is now the home of a breeding pair of peregrine falcons which you can watch, when they're home, via this excellent webcam.