The 2014 lineup

TEDxSheffield 2014 was held on Saturday the 15th November at St. George's Church, Portobello, in front of a full house of nearly 400 people. It was coproduced by @herbkim and @chrisdymond, and supported by The University of Sheffield, the Thinking Digital Conference, Sheffield Hallam University, and our many other supporters.

Please check out our speakers below to see their talks or go and watch the full playlist on YouTube.

The speakers:

Dr Natalie Greenwold How can film save lives? Obstetrician & Co-Founder of Medical Aid Films

Dr Natalie Greenwold thumbnail

Giving birth to a newborn baby should be a time of joy; yet for millions women in developing countries, a lack of basic knowledge about issues in maternal and child health means it is one of the most life-threatening things they can do. Dr Natalie Greenwold will talk about the power of film in sharing life-saving knowledge, and how MAF’s films are being used to train health workers and educate community women in some of the hardest to reach areas…

Jean Bond On Being More Than Human Emotional Educator

Jean Bond thumbnail

Jean will talk about the narcissistic part of herself (or More than Human – to coin John Bradshaw’s term) which has got her into difficulties in her life but also enabled her to take risks and accomplish things that she might not otherwise have managed. She will talk about how this trait has affected her and ask the audience to participate in looking at whether they or others they live or associate with have similar tendencies. She will present this…

Bea Marshall My family and other animals Parenting Coach

Bea Marshall thumbnail

The British media loves sensation. In my talk I will share how the media grabbed hold of my parenting style, branding it 'Yes Parenting', and how I handled the experience. In its national and international retelling, the story of Yes Parenting led to significant learning curves for me professionally and personally.

Helen Milner Digital Nation 2020 Chief Executive of Tinder Foundation

Helen Milner thumbnail

People in the UK spend more on online shopping per head than any other country in the world. There are more internet users in the UK compared to any other G8 country. Yet there are still 9.5 million people who either have never used the internet at all, or only to do the basics such as email or look for work online. The prize of everyone in the UK - as near to 100% as possible - being confident internet users by 2020 will establish us as truly the…

Prof Lise Autogena How to Find The Bluest Sky in The World Artist and Maker of Impossible Projects

Prof Lise Autogena thumbnail

Lise Autogena is an artist and Professor of Cross Disciplinary Art at Sheffield Hallam University. She has since the late 90s worked with Joshua Portway, developing ambitious multimedia and data visualization projects, that have sought to transform social and technical history, which typically remains below the level of everyday consciousness, into a shared experience of open possibilities, at the cusp of the present moment. Lise moved from Denmark…

Mark Wrigley Disruptive technology - a job for life? Disruptive Technologist

Mark Wrigley thumbnail

Back in the day, you got a trade, an apprenticeship or a qualification and you had a job for life. The Chinese call it "the iron rice bowl". But today, traditional industries are closing or moving overseas and being displaced by new technologies in a time span much shorter than the average a working life. So what are we going to do about it? And are the government right to encourage apprenticeships and training in a single industry? Mark Wrigley…

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