Jack Andraka

Inventor, Scientist and Cancer Researcher

My 3 Cents On Cancer

Jack will discuss the story behind how he created a revolutionary new test for pancreatic cancer before he'd reached the age of 16.

Speaker bio

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Upon losing a family friend to pancreatic cancer, Jack Andraka decided to channel his energies into studying this cancer more closely. Initially just using Google as his primary research tool, Jack¹s investigation ultimately resulted in a new pancreatic cancer test that, according to Forbes Magazine, is 168 times faster and 26,000 times less expensive than the current test and and potentially almost 100% accurate.

Unsurprisingly, in May 2012, Jack won the highly prestigious Intel Science & Engineering Fair. His joyous reaction to the news went viral via social media. When his story got covered in mainstream news outlets it became clear that Jack was an unusually good science communicator. In February 2013, Jack was invited to speak at the TED Conference in Long Beach, California and most recently at Google Zeitgeist and Thinking Digital. And while Jack's youth (he's just 16 years old) is remarkable, you will remember him most for his passion, energy and sense of humour.

Photograph credit: Christian Payne