Daniela Petrelli

Interaction Designer

Materialising Digital Objects of Memory

Files with affective content populate our personal devices, from flirty messages on mobile phones to thousands of photos on a laptop. While we may carefully backup important files, they are not integrated into our everyday lives, with the risk that they are soon forgotten, lost within their digital containers. Starting from a field study of mementos in the home, I discuss similarities and differences between material and digital objects of memory and give examples of how digital content can be embedded in physical objects to make personal media an integral part of our lives. Hybrid objects that have a physical presence and digital properties offer new opportunities for the design of technology that is value-centred and fun (as opposed to work-centred and efficient), and can create new ways of relating with our own personal media.

Speaker bio

Daniela Petrelli thumbnail Dr Daniela Petrelli is a Reader in Interaction Design at the Art & Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University. Her current research brings together the material and digital worlds in the context of personal memories and cultural heritage. Daniela coordinates the meSch project (Material Encounters with Digital Cultural Heritage), a 4-year, 12-partner European project aiming at developing technology to allow curators, designers and artists to make smart exhibits and spaces to better engage visitors with cultural heritage. Previous to her current appointment, she was at the at the University of Sheffield's Information School for ten years, conducting research on multimedia and multilingual information access. Other interests include data and information visualization, intelligent user interfaces and personalization. For her work, Daniela has received a number of awards and recognition from both academia and industry. She has a diverse background in fine art, computing, and social research. She publishes regularly at international conferences and journals, and has presented her work in several international venues.

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