The 2013 lineup

TEDxSheffield 2013 was held on Tuesday the 11th June 2013, in the Upper Chappel on Norfolk Street, in front of a full house of over 300 people. It was coproduced by @herbkim and @chrisdymond, and supported by Sheffield Doc/Fest, The University of Sheffield, the Thinking Digital Conference, Sheffield Hallam University, and our many other supporters.

Please check out our speakers below to see their talks or go and watch the full playlist on YouTube.! Also, take a look at the awesome hexacopter video we made during the event: From Stage to Sky at TEDxSheffield 2013.

We've also published all the photos that our friend Nynke Weirde took at the event here: TEDxSheffield 2013 Photoset. If you have your own photos, put them on Flickr and tag them with TEDxSheffield and they'll show up in the sidebar (please don't abuse this or we'll shut it off!).

And massive massive thank yous to *everyone* who made TEDxSheffield so special this year! What a brilliant day it was!

The speakers:

Professor Noel Sharkey Toy soldiers to killer robots Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Professor Noel Sharkey thumbnail

Noel Sharkey is a multi-disciplinarian with a career spanning psychology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, computer science, engineering and robotics. He holds a PhD in psychology/cognitive science and has an honorary science doctorate DSc. He is a chartered electrical engineer and a chartered information technology professional. Noel holds fellowships at the Institution of Engineering and Information Technology, the Royal Institute of…

Roger Graef OBE The Myth of Communication (Or You Talking Doesn’t Mean I’m Listening) Criminologist, Writer and Film-maker

Roger Graef OBE thumbnail

We assume when we try to communicate that the other person(s) will get the message in every sense of the word. But this is wishful thinking. Professor Roger Graef explores how dangerous it is to assume that the recipient has taken both the words and the intention in the form you would wish. It’s not just a matter of language, or erratic technology - spam isn't just a technical problem. It’s a state of mind.

James Wallbank Three Dimensions of Innovation Artist, Educator and Free Software Advocate

James Wallbank thumbnail

In the late 90's James imagined an alternative model of lifelong digital engagement that would be free and open to all, and would develop a wide range of skills and abilities at a minimal cost. A key seemed to be mobilising the wasted resources he saw around him - prematurely obsolete technology, trashed materials, empty buildings, and the wasted time of people who couldn't find work. The do-it-yourself media lab that emerged from that vision,…

Angga Kara Bucket Half Full Social Entrepreneur & Movement Artist

Angga Kara thumbnail

From humble beginnings, Angga was born in Indonesia and came to England only knowing the word "bucket". However, he's come a fair way since then! With a copious background in community projects, funding and artistic expression in many forms. He has in the last decade created Hantu Collective, a worldwide collective clothing brand and opened Yorkshire Tee, t-shirt printing social enterprise. He's also co-founded and performed as part of a nationally…

Daniela Petrelli Materialising Digital Objects of Memory Interaction Designer

Daniela Petrelli thumbnail

Files with affective content populate our personal devices, from flirty messages on mobile phones to thousands of photos on a laptop. While we may carefully backup important files, they are not integrated into our everyday lives, with the risk that they are soon forgotten, lost within their digital containers. Starting from a field study of mementos in the home, I discuss similarities and differences between material and digital objects of memory…

Nancy Schwartzman Want to Prevent Violence? There's an App for That! Filmmaker & Mobile App Developer

Nancy Schwartzman thumbnail

Nancy Schwartzman is a filmmaker, media strategist, and human rights activist who believes that storytelling and technology can create safer communities for women and girls. She is the director of the documentaries “The Line” about sexual consent, and “xoxosms” about digital intimacy and 21st century love between two lonely teenagers. With the Circle of 6 mobile app, her team won the White House "Apps Against Abuse" technology challenge. Circle of…

Pam Warhurst How we can eat our landscapes Incredible Edible Todmorden

Pam Warhurst thumbnail

What should a community do with its unused land? Plant food, of course. With energy and humor, Pam Warhurst tells the story of how she and a growing team of volunteers came together to turn plots of unused land into communal vegetable gardens, and to change the narrative of food in their community.

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