Steve Coulson

Transmedia Producer

From Butlins to Tiki Bars...

In today's marketplace, transmedia storytelling is becoming the key to engaging audiences across a proliferating number of digital platforms. When it came to introducing its new television series Game of Thrones, HBO turned to Campfire to create a visceral, multi-sensory fan engagement program that immersed people in the world of the new show, where they could smell, hear, see, touch and taste their way to the premiere. It is not just Hollywood production studios that have embraced transmedia - any digital creator needs to consider how to reach and scale an audience across several platforms simultaneously. Find out how applying old storytelling techniques across new media channels creates experiences that can be shared and amplified.

Speaker bio

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Steve Coulson is Partner and Creative Director at Campfire, a New York based agency, where he leads the creation of marketing solutions that launch products and change perceptions through storytelling. Steve’s award-winning, hands-on immersive brand experiences bridge the physical and digital worlds to ignite the fan cultures and communities that drive the business of clients such as HBO, Discovery Channel, A&E Networks, Paramount, Harley-Davidson and Sony Entertainment.