Professor Marco Viceconti

Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Modelling at the University of Sheffield

The Virtual Physiological Human, or Why computer simulation is our best hope to understand life

The Virtual Physiological Human is a new framework of methods and technologies that once fully realised will make possible for the first time to investigate the human body, its functions, and its diseases, considering it as a whole, and not as a collection of independent parts. Computer simulation makes it possible to account for the complex interaction between processes occurring at radically different scales, from the molecules up to the whole organism and its interaction with the environment. This will finally make possible to deal with complex diseases such as diabetes, cancers, osteoporosis, heart failure, that current approaches pretend to reduce to exceedingly simple processes. The Virtual Physiological Human will have a huge transformational impact on how our health is managed; it is the best hope we have to understand life.

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Marco Viceconti is full Professor of Biomechanics at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Scientific Director of the Insigneo Institute at the University of Sheffield.

His main research interests are related to the development and validation of medical technology, especially that involving simulation, and primarily in relation to musculoskeletal diseases. He has published over 200 papers, mostly indexed in Medline, and serves as reviewer for many international funding agencies and peer-reviewed journals.

Marco Viceconti is one of the key figures in the emerging Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) community. Co-author of the first white paper on VPH, scientific co-ordinator of the seminal VPH research roadmap, "VPH ambassador" for the VPH Network of Excellence, Co-ordinator of one the VPHOP integrated projects, he is also currently chairing the Board of Directors of the VPH Institute.

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