Erica Packington

Digital instigator and Roller Girl

What happens when a chronic overthinker* joins the knock down, hurly-burly world of roller derby?

In this 10 minute talk, Erica Packington (She-RARR) will spin a tale of history, heritage and rediscovery; of ownership and organising principles; of theatrics, display and new femininity; of an emerging tussle for the soul of the sport; and of her participation in the interconnected communities that coalesce around this hyperlocal/superglobal sport.

* Sociologist. Same difference.

Speaker bio

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Erica is a Sheffield-based social tech geek with a strong and abiding nosiness for understanding social relationships and the endlessly fascinating ways they play out in the world. She's particularly interested in the interplay between on and offline interaction. By day, she's an Organisation Consultant for Sheffield-based Performance Management and Organisation Development consultancy, IOD PARC, where her work centres on helping groups, teams and organisations understand how they can work together effectively. By early evening, she transforms into She-RARR, a skater and referee with the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls (it's amazing what a pair of tiger print hotpants can do). She spends far too much time on the Twitter and can be found at @Erica_Jane_MP oversharing, promoting digital rights and marvelling at the wonders of human endeavour**

**looking at cute pictures of kittehs, obviously​

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