TEDxSheffield 2012

TEDxSheffield 2012 was held on Tuesday the 12th June 2012 in the Crucible Studio in front of an audience of about 270 people. It was co­-produced by @herbkim and @chrisdymond in conjunction with @sheffdocfest and @MarketingSheff.

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The Speakers

Fi Glover, Tony Phillips & Cathy Fitzgerald The Listening Project

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BBC Radio 4's Listening Projectinvites you to immerse yourself in the act of listening. Presenter Fi Glover, commissioning editor Tony Phillips and producer Cathy FitzGerald introduce the landmark project that brings together BBC Radio and the British Library to capture the nation in conversation.

Prof Giuseppe Battaglia FedEx at the nanoscale Department of Biomedical Science at The University of Sheffield

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Giuseppe, or as most people call him, Beppe holds the chair in Synthetic Biology in the department of Biomedical Science at the University of Sheffield. Beppe is one of the youngest Professors in the University and he's been working there for 10 years, combining Physics and Chemistry with Biology to design new ways to improve medical therapy and diagnostics. Beppe is involved in many projects working alongside clinicians to find new solutions to treat…

Erica Packington What happens when a chronic overthinker* joins the knock down, hurly-burly world of roller derby? Digital instigator and Roller Girl

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In this 10 minute talk, Erica Packington (She-RARR) will spin a tale of history, heritage and rediscovery; of ownership and organising principles; of theatrics, display and new femininity; of an emerging tussle for the soul of the sport; and of her participation in the interconnected communities that coalesce around this hyperlocal/superglobal sport. * Sociologist. Same difference.

David Cotterrell How I almost lost my faith in photography Professor of Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam University

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David is an installation artist working with video, interactive media, artificial intelligence, device control and hybrid technology. His work exhibits political, social and behavioural analyses of the environments and contexts he inhabits. Work has been commissioned internationally for gallery spaces, museums and the public realm. Recent exhibitions include: Eastern Standard: Western Artists in China, MASS MoCA, Massachusetts; War and Medicine,…

Steve Coulson From Butlins to Tiki Bars... Transmedia Producer

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In today's marketplace, transmedia storytelling is becoming the key to engaging audiences across a proliferating number of digital platforms. When it came to introducing its new television series Game of Thrones, HBO turned to Campfire to create a visceral, multi-sensory fan engagement program that immersed people in the world of the new show, where they could smell, hear, see, touch and taste their way to the premiere. It is not just Hollywood production…

Chella Quint Adventures in Menstruating: Don't Use Shame to Sell Comedy writer, performer and old school zine girl

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Chella writes and edits fanzines. She is a comedy writer and performer originally from New York who now lives in Sheffield. Her comic essay, Getting Civilized, was recently published in the book Here Come the Brides!: Reflections on Lesbian Love and Marriage. She has contributed to Now Then magazine, Elevate Difference, Girlfuture, Sadie Magazine, Subtect Magazine, and the Guardian Arts Blog. Chella's live work includes performances based on her…

Professor Marco Viceconti The Virtual Physiological Human, or Why computer simulation is our best hope to understand life Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Modelling at the University of Sheffield

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The Virtual Physiological Human is a new framework of methods and technologies that once fully realised will make possible for the first time to investigate the human body, its functions, and its diseases, considering it as a whole, and not as a collection of independent parts. Computer simulation makes it possible to account for the complex interaction between processes occurring at radically different scales, from the molecules up to the whole organism…

Sophie Maxwell Really NEET Engagement - Teaching Pythagoras by the side of the road Social Entrepreneur

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Sophie Maxwell has firsthand experience of being isolated from education through her own exclusion age 14. Turning her life around after years of homelessness and regaining control of her education, Sophie successfully completed a Degree and is now running her own Alternative NEET Engagement College. She talks about: What she learnt through her own disengagement and how she now implements it within her own Really NEET Methodology; the importance of…

Mark Atkin From the Sea to the Land Beyond Director of Crossover and the Head of the Documentary Campus Masterschool

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Mark Atkin, Director of Crossover and the Head of the Documentary Campus Masterschool, and as such has a broad knowledge of the European factual and transmedia industries. As a former Commissioner for TV and Online and Programmer of SBS Television, Australia’s multi-cultural public broadcaster, and with his recent work organising the international co-production market at the Australian International Documentary Conference, he also has a deep knowledge…