TEDx Sheffield 2011

TEDxSheffield 2011 was held on Thursday the 22nd September at the Showroom Cinema in front of an audience of nearly 300. It was co­-produced by @herbkim and @chrisdymond in conjunction with the MADE festival, Showroom and Creative Sheffield.

Alan Moore The Trilemma of Our Current Age

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Given this year's theme of 'Disrupt' Alan Moore was a wonderful addition to TEDxSheffield. @AlanSMLXL is a noted expert on disruption particularly in a nonlinear world. He's the author of 'Communities Dominate Brands' and he has a new book coming out in October entitled 'No Straight Lines' which originally came to fame as a hugely popular talk delivered at SXSWi in Austin, TX.

Jeroen Geelhoed Radical Connection & Radical Progress

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Jeroen is a partner at the Dutch management consultancy @samhoud. The 100+ strong consultancy has been recognised as the Best Place to Work in the Netherlands for the last 3 years and in 2010 it was also recognised as the best small to medium enterprise to work for in all of Europe. Jeroen is a proponent of the use of personal visioning as a way to create real and sustainable change in organisations and individuals. Famously, he helped facilitate…

Dr. Brendan Stone The Power of Story

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Brendan Stone is a Senior Academic Fellow at The University of Sheffield. Much of his work focuses on themes of wellbeing, communities, social and cultural capital, and the development of creative approaches to understand and combat social exclusion. He has considerable experience in working with people who have longstanding mental health problems; his 'Storying Sheffield' project attempts to empower individuals to renegotiate the stories which define…

Lee Strafford Making Open Collaboration Work

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Lee has been busy disrupting in and around Sheffield for years now. He originally rose to fame as the CEO of PlusNet taking the ISP from 7 to 200+ employees during his tenure which was eventually acquired by BT. More recently Lee has become a member of the Sheffield City Region LEP with a vision and focus around championing the creative & digital industries as an economic force for Sheffield's future. In the terrific talk, Lee deconstructs how he…

Adrian Hon Jobs, ZMP and Creative Debt

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The founder of games development company Six to Start and technology columnist for The Telegraph newspaper. Adrian is also one of the youngest-ever speakers for the TED Conference in California.

Simona Francese The Future of Fingermarking

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Simona is a lecturer in biomedical sciences at Sheffield Hallam University where she leads the BMRC Fingermark Research Group. The group are applying new chemical techniques to fingermark analysis that could potentially provide Police with increased intelligence information from fingermarks including a person's diet, contact with drugs, gender, etc.

Joe Cohen We Need More Geeks

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Joe has a long history of using technology to match people with events, concerts and other people they want to meet. He's the Founder & CEO of Seatwave. He formerly founded the International Division of Match.com and also served as COO. Previous to this he was the VP, Europe of Ticketmaster.com. In this talk Joe puts out a call to action to encourage far greater numbers of young British to get educated in the sciences, technology, engineering and/or…

Tony Kennick News of the World No Longer

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Most of us know Tony Kennick as a mild mannered web technologist at the consultancy Technophobia. Earlier this summer, however, he (@thegreatgonzo) and a group of people led an online effort to pressure advertisers in the News of the World to quit the paper in response to the phone hacking scandal as documented by the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones. Their effort was part of a tidal wave of disgust that forced News International to take the shocking step…

Tom Bloxham MBE The Park Hill Story

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Tom is the co-Founder & Chairman of Urban Splash - a property regeneration company with a difference. Urban Splash have been awarded over 300 times for their architecture, designs, regeneration and commercial successes. Starting out in Liverpool in 1993, the company's portfolio stretches to over 60 schemes involving thousands of homes, jobs & millions in commercial square footage. They are currently in the process of restoring Europe's largest listed…